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With the development of the current world, technological innovation is becoming the first power driven to the economic development and social enhancement, especially in those developed countries like EU,US and Japan etc. Meanwhile technological innovation is the core of the establishment of our “innovation-oriented country”. The intellectual property, in particular patent application, protection and operation, plays a very important role, that is, the significant element to realize their valuation of scientific and technological achievements from market exchange and industrial utilization, and the effective ways to stimulate staff enthusiasm and attract more research and development investment, eventually makes scientific and technological achievements smoothly transform into realized productivity.

The Power-nation Intellectual Property Institute is aimed to provide the high-quality service based on our practiced experiences on domestic and international industries, improve the macro environment of intellectual property rights and make efforts to assist the innovating main bodies to strengthen their abilities and realize their value of ascension. Power-nation IP Institute organizes an online networked expert team from various enterprises, academies and institutes involving technology, law and investment fields. We are engaged to provide continuously the feasible solutions and supports refined and consulted by our expert team from our convinced theoretical study, forum discussion, survey evaluation and resources sharing etc. Meanwhile we take advantages of our experience and expertise to serve those innovating enterprises and research institutes to make their intellectual property business strategies and tactics in globalized environment, to increase their competitive capability and create their excess value. We are making efforts to realize our dream to build a powerful country at the aspect of innovation development and intellectual property.

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