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Address:Rm 103,Tower A,  Zhongguancun IP Tower, No.Jia 21,Haidian Nanlu,Haidian District, Beijing 100080 China

Experts Team》Mr.Yang Xuri, President

Mr. Xuri Yang, the chairman of China Power-nation Intellectual Property Institute, has 20 years of experience in intellectual property field and gained many honors and rewards at the national level in China. He is the chief expert of the intangible assets research of China IP Bureau, a full member of the China Technology Exchange, the China Trademark Association and the China Copyright Protection Union. He is also the leader in Beijing IP Protection Association and the co-chairman of the Beijing IP Development Salon.

Mr. Yang is the legume magister of Peking University and was served as a senior director in charge of IP and intangible assets for 14 years in Founder Group. He holds much practical experience from his leading national IP related projects and also winning litigations for IP protection. He, as an expertise scholar, maintains strong network with the government and practitioners in China for domestic and international IP research and services.

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