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Institute Events》Notice of the Forum on Intellectual Property Value, Investment and Industrialization Development

The Forum on Intellectual Property Value, Investment and Industrialization Development

1.Forum Theme
To discuss the effect and significance of the industrialization development from the patent value and technology transfer, to share the experience of the patent operations, to provide the enterprises views and business advice with the national intellectual property and technological policies, to enhance further the patent commercialization to realize the intellectual property value, to create the whole ecological field of vision for innovation entrepreneurship in China, and to build the multi-parties involvement, communication and cooperation platform.

2.Forum Information
(1) Organizers: -Beijing Power-nation Intellectual Property Institute
                           -Industrial Technology Research Institute of Peking University
                           -the China Technology Exchange Office
(2) Medias: - around 10 medias, including Jurisprudence Daily, China Business Newspaper, Tencent Technology, Intellectual Property Newspaper etc,
(3) Time:  On November 23, 2014 (Sunday) afternoon 1:30-6:00 PM
(4) Venue: Yingjie Exchange Center of Pecking University

3.Forum Schedule and Agenda
(1) Leaders Speeches (40 minutes)
(2) Video play on IP rights promoting industry development (30 minutes)
(3) Forum Session 1: IP value, patent operations and industrial development
(4) Forum session 2: Enterprises globalization and IP rights practice (60 minutes)
(5) Forum Session 3: Discussion on technology transfer and patent operation model (60 minutes)

4.Guest Speakers
This forum invites the star enterprises in the intellectual property field, the advanced unit of technology transfer, and the leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, representatives of professional medias that are concerning and supporting the intellectual property business. All these speakers will notify their IP value theories from multidimensional aspects, introduce their practical experiences, explore the regularity and model from IP rights operations and technology transfer and propose their unique understanding and suggestions on IP rights policy, judicial practice and industry's.
The forum has confirmed the invited guests (in no particular order) :
Mr. Chuntian Liu, President of IP Academy of China People University;
Mr. Shengli Zheng, the former president IP Academy of Pecking University;
Mr. Yanpeng Zhou, the former Legal Director of Foxconn Co.;
Mr. Liuping Song, senior Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.;
Ms. Yongmei Dong, senior Vice President of Beijing Oriental Co., Ltd.;
Mr. Dongmin Chen, president of Industrial Technology Research Academy of Peking University;
Mr. Shugui Guo, Director of China Technology Exchange Office
Mr. Peng Lin, President of Zhigu Co.;
Mr. Hao Ni, general secretary of Beijing IP Protection Association;
Mr. Hefa Song, Director of the China Academy of Science and Technology Policy Research;
Mr. Xuri Yang, President of the Beijing Power-nation IP Institute.
More guest speakers are to be confirmed. The interactive communication is to be arranged during the forum.

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