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Industry News》China Patent Week serves innovation development
China Patent Week serves innovation development
On November 17, the 8th China Patent Week with the theme of meeting the demands of company and serving innovation is held across the nation.
 “This year’s patent week is aimed to demonstrate the achievements that IP administrative nationwide made in IP creation, utilization, protection and management, it is also aimed to serve companies’ innovation work and create a sound innovative environment by focusing on promotion plan of patent strategy, the implementation of IP standard and improving IP capability of small and medium companies,” said a principal of Patent Management Department of SIPO.
According to reports, the 8th China Patent Week will focus on the following four special events. The first one is to promote enterprises to enhance IPR management capacity. The event will promote the connection between consulting services and the enterprises, increase the intellectual property management personnel training, and promote the implementation of relative national standards, and enhance enterprises’ IP management capabilities. The second is to help the enterprises to create competitive advantage of intellectual property rights. Under this, the event will develop enterprises of IPR advantage, and earnestly solve patent issues for them, and provide professional consulting services for them. The third is to strengthen the utilization of intellectual property rights. The event will actively carry out the training and education on patent analysis and  patent operations to enhance the enterprises’ capability on collaborative patent application and reservation and operation. The fourth is to strengthen IP special services for of small and micro enterprises. The event will make full use of all types of IP public service platform to increase innovation counseling, management consulting, investment and financing, personnel training, technological innovation and other services, and to guide IP services agencies’ fully participation in the improvement  on IP services of small and medium enterprises.
The event is launched on the China Intellectual Property Network, which is more practical and easier to obtain information about the event. In terms of propaganda, the event makes full use of website to spread IP news took place in the patent week. SIPO would make efforts to form its brand influence in the country by pragmatic services and accumulation of experiences.  (by CIP News)
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