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Industry News》Shanghai Launches Office with Collective IP Management

On November 16, China's first intellectual property office integrated on patents, trademarks, copyright affairs administration and law enforcement was established in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The newly established office would be officially running on January 1, 2015.

After the establishment, Pudong New Area Intellectual Property Office would take over responsibility for the administration, law enforcement and public service of intellectual property matters, namely, patents, trademarks and copyright, within the  IP administrative jurisdiction, realizing the new administration of “development through unified planning, affairs under unified management, action with unified law enforcement,” and the working mechanism of “a department, a window service, a team of law enforcement”.

This is an innovative method on administration to improve the efficiency of government services in Shanghai. On the work of intellectual property rights, Shanghai has been taking efforts to actively promote the intellectual property research for strong IP advantage on city, district and enterprises, and striving to strengthen the whole chain of construction on creation, utilization, protection, management and services for the intellectual property rights, to accomplish the implementation of the national IP strategies. And the newly established intellectual property office would focus on the new try and test for dealing with the key point and difficulty and hot issues around intellectual property rights, deepen reform and innovation, explore and improve the law enforcement and comprehensive reform of intellectual property rights administration. This action has seen a new level on intellectual property work, and achieved good experience for Shanghai and even the whole nation.

The established intellectual property office is an important pilot on deepening the comprehensive reform of Pudong New Area in Shanghai, and also an active exploration on innovative administration and law enforcement of intellectual property rights. This would lay an important foundation for replicable and promoted experience, beneficial for the pilot of law enforcement and cultural environment for respect on knowledge and motivation on creation, safeguarding the national strategy of the innovation-driven development and economic restructuring and upgrading.

(China IP News)

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